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July, 2022

7/17/2022 HVAC Condensate Pump

posted 07/17/2022 at 17:00GMT

Last night while doing my regular checks of my local mechanical infrastructure, I noticed some water in the drip pan of the downstairs HVAC unit. After phase 1 investigation, I found the drain was backed up. Either the condensate pump on my downstairs HVAC stopped pumping properly, or there was a clog in the very short PVC piping leading from the HVAC to the pump (this is very likely).

I grabbed the 5 horsepower shopvac that I use for dirtier jobs and water, and created a large amount of suction around the P trap of the drain. There is a little stand pipe there for natural drain utilization and sight inspection that I used to try and clear the clog.

After sucking a good amount of water out, I discovered nothing in particular wrong with the drain aside from the normal sediment, mold, and debris inside. After clearing the pipe, I decided to drain into a 5 gallon bucket for the night and remove the current very old condensate pump. I woke up to a bucket of water, so I now know the drain was unclogged. Water is gross when its in a pipe.

Today I went to Home Depot and purchased a new condensate pump. Once I was home, I installed the new pump and tested the drain as well as the condensate pump's function. All in tip top shape, but that HVAC unit is starting to show it's age. It may be a matter of time until it breaks. Alas, I am an engineer! I can solve these problems as they come.

Anyhow, all that to say, its really hot out on the planet. I've had enough of these hot summers and winters. I hope we aren't headed for human caused disaster due to our own stupidity, but here we are.

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