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About Nick the Gray

Nick the Gray

Nick the Gray

Thanks for dropping by, my name is Nick. I am a Principal DevOps Engineer with a diverse background of computers, vendors, and technologies. I strive for stable and reliable infrastructure while utilizing modern deployment standards in an ever-changing enterprise software market.


I started working at a Data Center as a Linux help desk sysadmin. As skills built, I started looking at other technologies within the Data Center eventually finding myself managing the network and day to day operations within the facility. It was a lot of long hours and thankless webmaster tickets closed, but it was home and I enjoyed it. After some time I decided my time there was at a close and I parted ways to take the next step in my career, DevOps.

Because I had a large exposure to many different aspects in the OSI Model, DevOps was a natural next step for me. Trouble shooting skills and reliability models were engrained in my mind and design of resilient, redundant infrastructure came natural to me. I have many different configuration management languages under my belt, however, I prefer ansible.

Additionally, I love to write python for tooling and fun. I have several projects I would like to cover in blog format, so please come back from time to time and visit!