So if you are here, you are either randomly stumbling upon my site, or you are one of my friends wondering why my Facebook is gone. Yep, its gone. The site is breeding hate and fear and I want off that wild ride. I highly recommend deactivating your account at the very least. After the sweet release of removing myself from Facebook, I felt good. I felt like the world had a new color, not the muted reds and blacks, but the vibrant blues and greens.

I am done giving Facebook my thoughts and ideas so it can be used to show me irrelevant advertisements. I am tired of Facebook spying on conversations I have with friends and family to randomly and spookily suggest [thing I talked about] to [person]. Flat out done.

I am ok with being an outcast in society ala Logan's Run by not using that garbage website. I really hope all of you can come to the same conclusion and do the same, but I get it. Its a dopamine hit to be an asshole or post your drama for likes. It feels good. It gives you the same feeling early smartphones gave you when you got a notification sound. Its false happiness. Its short-lived and the only thing on the other end of the notification is bleak, stark, depression.

Needless to say, from time to time I want to get some words off my chest. I'll reserve this site to do so.