Backyard views to die for

I finally got to make the trek out to California. It has been too long to visit the west coast and the time finally arrived for the fabled work trip to visit our lovely datacenter on that side of the world.

It was a bumpy flight out there (one of the worst so far), but I was able to get a few pictures off after the bouts of air sickness settled and the turbulence became my "new normal".

Somewhere over Nevada, I think...

We finally arrived to our destination and rewarded ourselves the best way we could. Sushi.

Master Crafted Nigiri

While, I can't disclose any information about the work side of things, I can say after a grueling week of work a relaxing day at the very end with my good friend sp00nz was in order. He was gracious enough to let freeb1rd and I hang out on his awesome sailing yacht Sunday afternoon and night. It was an amazing experience and a perfect and relaxing way to end an extremely stressful week.

And relax we did!

It was good to get a little bit of vitamin D after pulling consequitive sun up to sun down 18 hour days in the datacenter.

What a view!

After hanging and getting to know the 28 foot vessel, we started to explore the area around the marina while seagulls came by and harassed us for food. It is a little scary how accurate Finding Nemo's gull personality is. You can look into their beady little eyes and all you can think of is, "Mine?!". The gulf seagulls are nothing compared to the beasts out in the bay area. These gulls are giants. They must be eating well with the abundance of clams and mussels available to them. Not to mention the large amount of fish in that cold cold bay.

Its hard to not instantly go broke and move here...

Hanging with my good friends enjoying the views and seeing this sunset was the highlight of that trip. We chatted over burgers and garlic parmesan french fries from a local food joint called "Super Duper Burger". The cool bay air greeted us and night was upon us.

Tonight we fest!

Best thing about the whole ordeal on the sailboat was the fact that sp00nz was rigged up with all sorts of bits of technology to play around with in the ship's cabin. Ah the California life. I miss it already...