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I seem write this post a lot... Here we go again, another blog iteration has been created. I seem to crap these sites out a lot. I mostly get bored and start up again. No matter how many iterations I go through, I always seem to go right back to ghost. Its a pretty solid platform for building websites.

What have I been up to?

I have been keeping myself busy writing various bits of terraform and chef to keep my skills sharp. I've been honing my skills with my various home lab deployments. I hope to share a lot of that with this blog for any random visitors in the future.

Additionally, I have been raising two boys with my wife. It is an interesting time raising two young boys. I hope to have two little geeks on my hands in the next few years.

Why come back?

That is really up to you, user. Come on back from time to time to either see a DNS resolution failed due to another bout of boredom, or maybe (just maybe), this blog will be up and more streams of thoughts will be here from your's truly. I hope you come back and read some more.