Hello fellow humans and bots! I am f0rkz. DevOps engineer, sysadmin, and code monkey alike. I enjoy late nights up in front of terminals and high stress situations. Thanks for stopping by!

This is my little corner of the internet that spans many different nooks and crannies across different data centers and garage home labs. My primary focus of engineering is automation, but I have built many different tools and applications for various tasks and needed goals.

Among the DevOps life, I also spent a good amount of time working as a facilities manager for a data center, network engineer, and ticket troll. As time went by new roles and skills needed filling and the operations knack in me compelled me to fill it.

If that wasn't enough, I also have two sons who I will hopefully bring under the geek fold as my responsibility as a geek dad dictates. I had the pleasure of seeing the Nintendo obsession materialize in my son and soon to be other son. One of them reads Nintendo power-like magazines and the other sleeps with a toy Mario. Mission accomplished.

As days go by I will publish various blog posts covering everywhere between video games, programming, automation, fishing, and much much more. Thanks for stopping by!